Ballet: A classical dance form which is the foundation for all dance. Classes will emphasize technique and proper body alignment as well as flexibility, strength, grace, coordination, musicality and performance quality. Students will also learn ballet terminology.

Contemporary Dance: Contemporary incorporates jazz and ballet choreography with modern techniques. This style of dance explores movement, space, and rhythm while concentrating on core strength and endurance.

Hip Hop: Hip Hop evolved out of street and break dancing and is characterized by its athletic and bouncy style. Students will learn both throw-back styles (Cabbage Patch, Running Man) along with age-appropriate choreography.

International Dance Styles: Explore the world through music and dance! This class brings world rhythms and culture to your child, stretching their muscles and their minds as we learn dances from China, India, West Africa, Hawai’i, and other fun places on the map!

Musical Theater: Musical theatre dancing is less of a particular style, and more of a description of dancing that is rooted in the diverse history of Broadway musicals. All different styles as ballet, tap, and jazz, are incorporated into a musical theater class. (we will not be tapping in this mini-session). Musical theater dancers are also actors, therefore will dive into their inner thespian.

Theater Tap: This is an advanced tap class that will focus on musical theater type choreography and steps inspired by broadway shows. A great class for Middle School/High School students who have tap experience.
Tumble: This class will develop students’ strength, coordination and balance. Students will learn basic floor tumbling tricks such as front and back rolls, handstands, cartwheels, headstands, walk-overs, round-offs, etc. Our advanced classes are geared toward our more experienced tumblers working on handsprings and tucks.