Safe Studio Facts

  • All cleaning products are EPA approved, and CDC recommended 
  • The Mist Duster disinfectant fogger machine is used at least once daily in all rooms 
  • UV light is installed in the HVAC system
  • There is at least 6 feet of distance between students during class
  • Daily wellness checks for Staff
  • Frequent hand hygiene, sanitizing stations located in every room
  • Enhanced and frequent cleaning in ‘high traffic” and “high touch areas”
  • Student bathroom is disinfected after every use
  • Lesson plans are revised to accommodate social distancing, and safety


Checklist for Students BEFORE Coming to the Studio

  • Home wellness: temperature check. If a student is feeling ill in any way, STAY HOME.
  • Bring a water bottle only (NO food).
  • Bring dance shoes in a clean,clear plastic bag. Everyone must have dance shoes (or tumble shoes)
  • Arrive dressed in appropriate dance attire, hair in a ponytail, headband or bun
  • Arrive no more than 5-10 minutes before class


Protocols and Etiquette at the Studio

  • All Students will remove street shoes and place them in a cubby, sanitize hands prior to entering the studio and after class leaving the studio.
  • Inside the studio, students and teachers will maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet.
  • Students will place their water bottle and mask on a taped spot along the perimeter of the wall (6 ft apart). Wearing a mask during class is required.(updated 10/7/20)
  • Students should find their individual pre-taped 6×6 ft dance spot on the floor.
  • Teachers will wear a face mask or face shield. Teachers will work to maintain social distance amongst students during class
  • Teachers will eliminate partnering and limit floorwork to maintain social distancing
  • Teachers will not touch any dancer, as they normally might, to provide dance/tumble corrections, unless safety dictates otherwise (ie spotting in a tumble class)
  • Parents must be prompt picking up their child as there is no seating or waiting area


As the NY State recommendations, and guidelines change, so might HDTC’s protocols.